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Introduction :
Support 3 SIM Cards : GSM(A) ,GSM (B) and GSM(C),Conveniently choose GSM(A),GSM(B) ,GSM(C) or PSTN
Auto-select Low cost route


  Auto-select Low cost route according setting

         Simple to install and easy to maintain

         4 band GSM module; support GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz

         With backlight LCD for clear information display

         Display Caller ID

         Menu list interface for great operation expediently

         Last 3000 call logs can be checked

         Auto detect PSTN telephone line state

         Can set 64 barred numbers

         Can set 640 route numbers for 3 GSM

         Called number auto route out according to preset internal route table

         Area code can be set; auto add “area code” before local called number if route from GSM

         Higher output current level for connection with payphone

         With billing function and built-in tariff. Real-time display the call duration and costs etc.

         Download parameter and tariff from PC;

         Upload call records to PC;

                Built in rechargeable circuit, support extended accumulator battery (6V/4AH)



Technical specifications   
Power supply
AC input voltage           160V~280V AC
Power adaptor output        DC7.5V/3.0A
Battery                   6V/4AH Lead-Acid battery(optional)
Maximum charging current   600MA
DC input voltage range       7.5V~10V DC
Working current            1.5A(DC7.5V, Average current, excluding charger current)
Application environment
Operating temperature:         0~+45?C
Relative humidity:            10%~95%
Environment noise            ?60dB(A)
Atmospheric pressure         86~106kPa

GSM parameters
Frequency bands       GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Frequency stability        <2.5ppm
Receiver sensitivity     < –103dBm
Transmit power        <2W(900MHz),  <1W(1800MHz)
SIM card Interface      3V
Antenna impedance     50Ω

Line interface
AB line impedance     600Ω
AB line loop current    25mA
AB line feeding        48V±4V (hang-up status)

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